The YOURCard journey. 

The Idea

It is simple. The route to customers is through their mobile phones. YOURCard is the digital alternative to the traditional paper business card. Share YOURCard with clients and take your company’s brand viral. While the digital age is growing at a rapid rate, we want to help you grow with it.

Start sharing YOURCard today!

The Story

Our passion is digital innovation no matter how big or small the concept. It all started with a photo of a printed business card and the thought of it being completely electronic and effortless to share from virtually anywhere.

How you Benefit

We strive to redefine the typical business culture with innovative technology. By working with small business professionals, it became clear to us that they will do whatever it takes to keep their dream alive. We want to support that goal by offering them the tools to digital business success.

YOURCard benefits.

Unlimited sharing from anywhere.

Direct client communication.

Instant navigation to business office.

Contactless information sharing.

Quick access to social media profiles.

Never be without a business card again.

Eliminate printing costs.

Increased support to a greener business model.

Enhanced brand value.