Frequently Asked Questions about YOURCard

Can YOURCard be used as a mobile website?

Yes, it can. Our intention is not to replace your existing mobile website. However you can ask your web management company to forward people accessing your website to YOURCard, when they access the website from a mobile device.

Can you view YOURCard when you don’t have data?

Once YOURCard is saved to the users mobile device, they will be able to access the data that was initially downloaded, whilst offline. They will, however, need data or a Wi-Fi point to receive updated information for YOURCard.

How much information can be stored on YOURCard?

You can store as much information as allowed by our guidelines and templates. Although YOURCard is designed to hold typical content that you would find on a traditional business card, we also make provision for links to your social networks, other sites, an overview of services, multiple locations, etc.

Can I benefit from the feedback form if I do not have any supporting systems that YOURCard can integrate with?

Yes, you can. If you do not have any supporting systems, then YOURCard can integrate with our central secure CRM platform. We will gladly provide you with daily automated reports, about people reaching out to you, whether they have reached out to you before, etc.

Will I have access to new features as part of my ongoing subscription?

We are continuously adding new features to enhance YOURCard. New features will be automatically added as part of your subscription. There are no additional costs. When we update YOURCard every card you have in circulation is updated too, ensuring that you and your clients do not miss out on the latest features.


If you still have any questions contact us here!